About Us

Hello, my name is Christopher Villalobos the founder of AraCulture. This brand was founded on the principles of putting the artist first. Our goal is to give artists a chance at a livable wage, while also growing their own community to establish a foundation for them to grow.
I started off working at Mcdonald's and Walmart to be able to start this company, but it still wouldn't have been enough. Jacqueline Olmos really pushed me to continue and not give up on my dreams, at the time I didn't know what I was searching for, I had no goal, no vision, but one night we came across a brand. This brand was Xpressskins and we quickly established a friendly relationship with whoever was behind the screen and that man is Ed Valles. He inspired me to start my own journey. After dropping out of college I committed full-time to 9-5 jobs to save as much money to start up the company. During this time I would come up with the brand name and a goal for it. I also dedicated my spare time to fully teaching myself useful skills like web design, graphic design, finances, and marketing. Fast forward to now, all the risks I took and the time I spent were well worth it because I get to do exactly what my goal was but with multiple people. AraCulture has a combined reach of 180K followers across platforms and still withholds its values of putting the artist before ourselves by giving them the spotlight and support they deserve! 
Recently I looked back to before we started and I would constantly watch vtubers and anime and a new idea dawned on me. Maybe we can do the same thing for vtubers by providing a platform to have their own high-quality merchandise made in the USA. With this, they can have not only an extra platform to grow a fanbase from but also a second revenue stream!
We have been pouring time into a new project, our OC Aruna Reaver has come to life so we can officially be a part of a new community. With that, we are also starting to look for Vtubers to collaborate with to reach our new goals! 
A special thank you to our first artist and amazing friend, Defaultz. He has helped us so much with many aspects of the store and we would not be here without him. The piece that started this all? Our very first bunny Zero Two piece when we opened in August of 2021!