Our Team

Discover our amazing diverse group of Artists, Graphic designers and Founders!

Aruna Reaver

Our very own Original Character gone Vtuber! Aruna was designed and created by Christopher Villalobos, Jacqueline Olmos, and Defaultz_17. She is Araculture's mascot and representative who loves high fashion, women, and video games. Please consider supporting her on her Vtuber journey!

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Christopher Villalobos

The Founder of AraCulture Christopher Villalobos Graduated Gladstone Highschool and went straight to college and worked a 9-5 job. After Meeting the founder of XpressSkins, Ed Valles, he was inspired to create his own legacy. Chris dropped out of College and saved as much money as he could for a year and started this brand. His Goal? To create a space for smaller artists with huge potential to make a living and gain notoriety for their works! In just under 2 years he was able to accomplish those goals for some artists and now looks to help others on their journeys.

Jacqueline Olmos

Aracultures Personal Assistant, Artist, and Graphic Designer, goes by Jacqui has been on the team since the start. She has been with Chris since high school and supported him on his dreams. After highschool, she was accepted to a top nursing program in the country. Jacqui, despite having the weight of those classes on her shoulder, proves to be a part of the backbone of Araculture. She is responsible for scouting for new artists, creating graphic designs for the shop, running social media posts on our platforms with Chris, and other tasks.


The very first contracted artist to be added to our team, Defaultz is Digital artist from Thailand who draws streetwear fashion and colorful arts!🎨 +NSFW Works.

Together we built the ground work for araculture working day in and day out we were able to give him a livable wage while creating less works per month!

Defaultz Card


Rumi is a new artist that we have recently started to work with from the Philippines with an amazing eye-catching style! We have been able to really test our community and see if we can reach our goal by helping Rumi gain a following on Instagram and providing him with a source of income through his art.

"Anime waifu illustrator.  I'm a self-taught artist and am still learning. I've been drawing for 4 years now and I'm grateful to be able to support myself and my family from doing what I love."-Rumi



Angelynnmay is an artist who specializes in making cute chibi artworks for a multitude of shops and has established her style in the industry! We have worked with Angelyn for about a year and a half and have continued to supply her with a stream of commissions! She provides more family-friendly style artwork!

Angelynnmay's Instagram


MG is a freelance illustrator aspiring to be a great character designer, we have experimented with his work by letting have him complete free range over what he creates, so far reception has been well received by our community, MG has said that he is proud that his work has came this far!

Mg's Twitter


A fairly newer artist that AraCulture has worked with. Guishoii has shown incredible talent with being able to draw in many different styles with amazing detail. So far he has created some works of our original character Aruna and we plan to continue a partnership with him going forward!

Guishoii's Instagram

Otakus Closet

Fresh out of highschool, Otakus.closet is another amazing graphic designer on the AraCulture team that specializes in card skin designs for the shop but can design for much more with his incredible talent! He is another fellow shop owner with an original character named Natsumi! We have officially hired him as one of our fulltime graphic designers!

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R I G E L W A V E 🐬

RigelWave is our Chilean Retro Artist! We occasionally work with her to bring a more cute refreshing style to the community. Currently she is working on her own shop in chile, we have established a strong relationship with her and try to help her out in anyway we can.

RigelWave.s Website