Where to contact us for support?

In case you have any general questions about the shop or any questions about an order or items after reading our policy, please contact ara.culturehelp@gmail.com for assistance!

We typically respond to emails in 1-5 business days (Monday-Friday). There may be cases where it may take slightly longer but we typically respond every week.

We are off Saturdays and Sundays, meaning we do not pack, are not in the office & do not respond to emails on those days.

Want to see the status on all in-stock and pre order items? Check out this doc that we are regularly updating: CLICK HERE

We are not responsible for emailing every individual customer with an order update. Order updates are posted on all social medias, through our email subscriptions and through the order update google doc, which is regularly updated. When the customer purchased from AraCulture, they acknowledge that they are required to email our official support email for an update on a specific order.


If there is a special offer available such as the buy 2 get one free deal you must add all three posters to your cart for the deal to automatically apply. If there are any discount codes that the customer fails to input before ordering, we are not responsible for that.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday: Address changes will be accepted until we close the shop. We can not guarantee that orders made in November will make it before Christmas, as this tends to be a busier time for postal services as well.

Processing times may be longer due to the holidays, orders may not arrive until January-February if a customer orders during December. The customer agrees to wait during any delays for both in-stock and pre-orders when they order.

We are not responsible for missing the deals or codes and will not issue any partial refunds on in-stock items.

Shipping policy

All orders will be processed through USPS and UPS throughout the USA. If the order is delivered incorrectly, or if there are issues in transit please contact the appropriate mail carrier to situate the issue as we do not personally deliver the packages. After you have done that if you are unable to receive your package email us at ara.culturehelp@gmail.com for further assistance.


Shipping has been opened worldwide. In the case that the system inaccurately calculates shipping costs, we reserve the rights to email the customer and request that they cover the remaining shipping costs if our system charges us more than the customer had originally paid. In the case that the customer pays $30 for shipping and the system charges us $50, we reserve the right to email the customer to pay the extra $20 in shipping as we are unable to cover that for every order. All international customers also agree that they understand that international orders take longer to arrive because they are being shipped worldwide from California to another country.

This means that the customer agrees to wait and they will not file a chargeback. Ordering from AraCulture results in the customer agreeing that if they file any type of chargeback, they are going against the policy that they agreed to and AraCulture has the rights to use this in dispute for false chargebacks.

Want to see the status on all in-stock and pre order items? Check out this doc that we are regularly updating: CLICK HERE

Orders can be shipped domestically (USA) or internationally, all shipment rates are automatically calculated based on the weight of your package at the checkout of your order.

We ship worldwide!

Want to see the status on all in-stock and pre order items? Check out this doc that we are regularly updating: CLICK HERE

Orders are self-fulfilled by 2 people most of the time, we do not always have a bigger team to help us so we do ask for up to 7-14 business days to process and pack your order (International orders may take longer and are usually shipped last due to us having to take more time to print each individual label). This is AFTER the shop has closed.

We typically begin packing after the first week of being open, however, all in-stock orders are usually shipped 7-14 business days after the shop closes that month. In the case that we need more than 14 business days, we are not responsible for delays during the process and the customer agrees to wait longer if 14 business days have passed from the day we started packing, in the case that an item is missing and we are waiting for it. No refunds will be processed if the label of the order has been printed and it is taking longer than expected. Most in-stock orders are typically shipped 1-2 weeks after the shop has been open for two weeks.

By clicking the box at check out and purchasing from AraCulture, the buyer agrees to wait as long as needed if there are delays on any type of item (in stock or pre-order) that prevent us from being able to ship them out early (Ex: Item delays, us attending events, pre-order delays, emergency situations, etc.). This also means that the customer agrees to wait as long as needed without attempting to file a false chargeback for not wanting to wait the agreed time.

Processing times may be longer during the holiday months (October-December) due to the number of orders being higher than average. Customer agrees to wait as long as needed when they click the box at checkout and order.

PRE-ORDERS that are NOT apparel items (mousepads, skate decks, blankets, plate frames) may take anywhere from 4-5 weeks to make and ship after the shop has closed (MAY TAKE LONGER DEPENDING ON AMOUNT OF ORDERS THAT MONTH). This is because these items are specialty items made to order as soon as we close the shop.

The customer agrees to wait longer if needed when pre-ordering items. The customer also acknowledges that if they mix in-stock items with pre-order items, they have to wait until we have every item to ship the order out.

Shirt/Hoodie production may take 4-12 weeks at the moment depending on the amount of shirt/hoodie orders that drop because we recently made a switch in suppliers. The new suppliers are catching up on past apparel orders so processing for apparel may take a while, please be prepared to wait if you order apparel.

Returns, Exchanges, Damages & Address Changes

Due to the nature of stickers, we do not accept returns on them. In the future for any non-related sticker items, there will be a 30-day return policy. If you wish to return something after 30 days, we will not accept the request.


Refunds for pre-orders and orders are only processed and accepted for the duration that the shop is open when you have ordered (this is if the label is not yet printed). We will not accept refunds or change any addresses if we have already printed the label.

Refunds will not be given because of wait times or shipping delays as clicking the box at checkout that acknowledges that you read the shipping policy means that the customer agrees to wait as long as needed for their product to be made and shipped. This is because we use all funds immediately after the shop closes to begin making all of the items.

Address changes will only be accepted if we have not printed the label yet. If we have already printed the label, for example, to count the number of products ordered for pre-orders, we are not responsible for wanted address changes. Once the label is printed it will be sent to the address on the label. If you are reading this, thank you for taking the time to read our policy! Use code "IMCOOL" for a discount on your entire order!

If an item is damaged in transit, we will offer a refund most of the time depending on the situation. Replacements can be ordered when the shop opens again if the customer wishes to do so after receiving the refund. If limited items arrive damaged and we have extra of the item we will send out a replacement, otherwise, all regular products will be refunded to make the process easier for both sides.

If you are missing an item(s) in your package you will have the chance to be refunded the cost of the missing item(s) or we can ship the items again to you.

If you do not receive your package and it is listed as a return to sender this means you put in the wrong address or an address that does not exist or the customer failed to claim the package/pay customs fees, you are responsible for emailing our support email to repay the shipping cost so we can reship the package.

If you order internationally and refuse to pay customs once the package is on its way, we are not responsible for issuing any refunds because you refused to pay a fee that the customer is responsible for.

Please email us at ara.culturehelp@gmail.com and we will guide you as to where to ship.


Want to see the status on all in-stock and pre order items? Check out this doc that we are regularly updating: CLICK HERE

Are your stickers waterproof? Yes, our stickers are vinyl, waterproof, weatherproof, and UV resistant!

How do I wash my clothes? Make sure to put the apparel inside out and wash with them cold water to prevent damage! Please also air dry them if possible!

Do you restock items? Yes, we try to restock items every drop. Limited variants are restocked every few drops.

Where do you ship internationally? We ship all over the world now!

Do you pay customs fees? Any customs fees, taxes, or import fees are the responsibility of the recipient. Duties and Import Taxes are charged upon delivery.

Why does the tracking say canceled after a month of waiting for my pre-order? We have no idea why that happens, but once you order from us you will receive the item as soon as it is made and we have it. In the case that we need to cancel an order or refund an item, we would personally email you.

Do you take commissions? No, we do not however we plan to do itasha commissions in the near future.

Can I use your art for a tattoo? This would have to be discussed via dms and approved by us and the artist.

How often do you open? We open once a month for two weeks during the middle of the month!!

Why do you close the shop and not stay open? As a small team, this is our preferred method of running our shop. It works best for us to be able to open smoothly and get orders packed and sent out.

Do you do sponsorships? Yes, we have a few sponsors but have only offered this to people who have shown us support with the shop and have just been great people in general, not individuals who as to be sponsored for free items most of the time /sad face (it happens are lot)/

Do you sell your stuff on sites like Alliexpress or Etsy? No, these people steal art from our artists and profit off of it by making low-quality items without supporting the artist.

Do you take feedback? Yes! We appreciate it when people give us feedback in a nice and calm manner!

Why is shipping not free for international people? As a small business, we can not cover the cost of international shipping. We do not make the shipping prices it is all up to UPS/USPS, so we are sorry if the cost is too high!

Why has my order not shipped after two days if I paid for faster shipping? Paying for faster shipping means once the items have been dropped off at the mail carrier, then the expedited shipping will occur!

Can I combine multiple orders after ordering items separately? Unfortunately no, we have hundreds of orders we constantly go through so we are unable to combine packages. If you want everything to arrive in one package please order everything together.

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